Blockbusting Method

The Blockbusting Method is a powerful tool to create behavioral changes and emotional shifts. Using bilateral stimulation, we can open the door to the subconscious mind, discover any negative or limiting beliefs and patterns, and allow a harmony of both brain hemispheres to create a positive solution.

Step into your full potential

This effective process is both easy and non-invasive. It works with a variety of topics, such as:

  • Optimizing physical health
  • Enhancing success
  • Reducing stress
  • Eliminating undesired habits
  • and much more!

Refer to the Articles posted on this site for detailed information on how hypnosis and self hypnosis can help with these problems and many others such as your self confidence and self esteem, study habits, concentration and enhancement of your own skills in sports and career.


An Interview by Douglas Pots with Roger Gray on his Blockbusting Method

Doug: From what you have said about your past, you were very sports minded and worked very physically demanding jobs. So what led you to be interested in hypnosis and how did that become your career?

Roger: I met a fellow that had a business selling flowers retail and wholesale. He had a fleet of vehicles, and he had me doing some work on them. We became close friends. Occasionally he would have me pick up some flowers and do some selling. As our friendship deepened, he asked me if I wanted to buy into the Redding area and I said yes. This was the first time I was the boss of anything. All the other times I was just an employee, just tell me what to do, I will do it and go home. About six months into my new enterprise, I realized that things were not going quite so well at being the boss .I sat down and ran the figures one night and realized if things didn’t change I was going to be broke in six months. Something was wrong; I was working twice as hard as I had for anyone else, putting in lots of hours and still was falling behind.

I was prepared to do whatever it took to be successful. I started reading every book I could get my hands on about success.

Some of the books I was reading had mentioned hypnosis as a quick and effective way to get to the bottom of the issue and fix it.  As I took an inventory on my success, I realized that I couldn’t blame it on anyone else since I was the boss and making all the decisions.  If my business failed it was because of me, no one else.  At that point I began to seek out several competent hypnotherapists, to help me be more successful.  I chose two hypnotherapists, one male, and one female therapist to help me on my journey. I was determined to be successful.  I worked hard to turn my situation around.  I was programming every day, listening to recorded programs, reading books on success and how others did it.  In six months from the time I began with the two hypnotherapists I had doubled my territory and tripled my income.  One day, one of my other associates that knew I was interested in self-help and success, gave me a flyer from the Applied Hypnosis Center in San Anselmo, California.  It was an intensive course during the summer that I could do since the flower sales were always down in the summer.  I had the time, the money and the interest and it seemed like the next logical step for me.  The training was to become a hypnotherapist but that was not my intention when I took the course.  I took a course to better my understanding about hypnosis, and perhaps get some help with my own issues, …read more